Top12Wines was originally founded in 2010, with the intention to develop a fair and unbiased public ranking of the best wines in South Africa.

The idea was to have all the best wines ranked fairly by wine lovers, via weekly blind tastings by 10-30 tasters, and feed this public ranking to end consumers, sommeliers and other professionals within the wine industry.

Really, the true purpose was to reconcile the frustration that wine lovers are too often dictated too by wine professionals what wine they must enjoy and buy. 

We firmly believed that “if you want know a consumer’s favorite wines, ask them the question directly, no one else!”.

All tastings were blind, and every tastings result fed the current rankings of the categories listed on our site. Leading wines qualified for the next tastings against challengers sourced from a selection list of award-winning wines available in the market with tasting samples provided by the wineries.

Top12Wines gathered a crowd of faithful followers and was chosen by BlackBerry as one of the only seventeen “BlackBerry 10 Partners” in Africa for the worldwide launch of BlackBerry in 2013. This was backed by a BlackBerry sponsorship and development of a Top12Wines App which featured rankings and an online store.

Over time, Top12Wines became a well-known concept in South Africa, and grew into a trusted source of public wine rankings.

In 2020, after ten years in existence, more than 500 comparative blind tastings, and 10 000 tasters, the Covid-19 Pandemic halted our tastings for over a year.

The time had come for Top12Wines to take another path, and to focus exclusively on the international development of carefully selected wineries.

The wineries we partner with have not been chosen randomly. We chose them because of the regular performance of their wines at the top of our rankings, in various varietal, wine type, and price categories.

We have embraced this new path in our history, with dedication and passion…

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